At Vin Moulds and Sons, we can source and use either recycled or reclaimed gold. This gold is made from existing jewellery or industrial metals that are then refined to remove impurities to create a metal identical to newly mined metals, and is therefore more ethical and environmentally- friendly than mining new gold.

Gold can be most consistently recycled of all materials. Resistant to tarnishing, this metal is almost indestructible and is endlessly malleable and recyclable. Recycled gold is usually sourced from post-consumer products and unused metal. Generally, recycled gold is more ethical than newly mined gold as it is made from gold products that already exist and therefore reduces pollution, harmful labour practices and costly refining processes. We don’t need to mine new gold because it can be recycled over and over.

During the recycling process, gold is melted down and refined to its purest form. This is a cost-effective method, that brings the price of gold down and minimises our collective environmental impact, from the first step of mining to the last step of the ring on your finger. This process also significantly reduces the wastage of gold that no one wears.

Recycling gold is a complex process. Gold is usually alloyed into karats and is mixed with other metals to make it stronger. The ratio of gold to the other metals is what determines the karat. Before melting old gold, jewellers must establish the metal content in the jewellery as different metals have different melting points. 24k is pure gold, however, it is typically softer and not suited well for wearable, everyday jewellery. For jewellery usage, fine gold is mixed with other metals to in order to make the gold harder and more durable. These other metals also allow gold to be different colours, such as rose gold and white gold.

What are Lab-created Diamonds?

At Vin Moulds and Sons, we never compromise the beauty or durability of our bespoke jewellery pieces. Our designs are primarily created with 18k gold as this mixture of gold and other precious metals is the most durable and the most beautiful when paired with our conflict-free diamonds. At Starfire, we proudly support reducing the extraction of resources, lowering emissions and reducing our overall environmental impact while crafting one-of-a-kind jewellery that captures the fiery essence of diamonds.

Please be aware that some precious metals cannot be melted and successfully reused, and not all heirloom stones can be reused or reset due to wear or damage. Our artisan jewellers will be able to assess your jewellery and advise you on any risks and tell you what is possible and what is not.